Zimasco Top Management Awarded Outstanding Awards at the Midlands Megafest Awards 2019

The Zimasco Chief Executive Officer Mr. John Musekiwa scooped the best prize under the Individual Awards as the winning  Chief Executive Officer for 2019, he was awarded for his hard work and resilience under these difficult economical challenges and formulating ideas that have seen the company soldiering on after Judicial Management.

Ms Clara Sadomba was honoured with a top award in the same category as Female Manager of the Year for 2019, both managers echoed the same sentiments that the recognitions given to them was from the spirit of teamwork that is the culture of our company. As our mantra is creating value, we will always strive to achieve this in all we do and endeavour to continue to create value not only for Zimasco but the nation at large.

Well done once again!!!

Congratulations, Makorokoto, Amhlope!!!



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