Quality Assuarance

Our Company' s Quality
Policy and Philosophy

n recognition of the importance we attach to our customers, we in ZIMASCO (Private) Limited, are committed to Total Quality Management in pursuit of mutual value creation in all our endeavours.

Measurable performance objectives and targets are set and reviewed periodically to ensure continual improvement. This leads to the fulfilment of both organisational values and customer requirements. We assure our customers, internal and external, that we will continue to provide them with consistent, quality products and matching service.

We have adopted EN ISO9001: 2015 and its successors as the basis for our Quality Management System. We are committed to continuously improve our Quality Management System through identifying and mitigating organizational risks as well as pursuing opportunities in order to ensure a high level of satisfaction among our stakeholders.

Our Quality Assurance Programme runs in conjunction with our well established Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Programme. This is designed to achieve an integrated and well-managed approach to effectively run the business in terms of SHE, Quality and Production.


All our employees are educated and trained to understand the philosophy and to use the various tools of statistical process control in our endeavour to continuously achieve mutual value creation.