Country on course towards better health

First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa has said the quality of healthcare in Zimbabwe is set to improve following Government’s injection of nearly $700 million into the public health sector. The First Lady, who is the country’s health ambassador, said the money is setting the country on course towards achieving better health delivery service in line with the Vision 2030 goals.

She said this yesterday at the commissioning of refurbished wards and a new incinerator at Kwekwe District Hospital.

The sprucing up of the infrastructure was done by Zimasco and Sable Chemicals.

The First Lady underscored the importance of the private sector partnering Government in its various programmes.

“Government, this year, committed around $695 million towards the health delivery system, which will go a long way in attaining quality service delivery,” she said.

“However, the Government is not able to go it alone, hence the private-public partnership initiatives.”

The First Lady applauded the two companies for ploughing back to the community and prioritising the health institution.

She said Kwekwe District Hospital is situated at the heart of the country, where accidents along the major highways often occur, hence the need for it to be fully equipped.

“Kwekwe District Hospital is located in an agro-mining environment where work related injuries are common,” said the First Lady.

“Its location in the Highway also results in the hospital responding to a huge number of traffic accident-related injuries.

“It is under such a background that Kwekwe District Hospital requires tools of the trade and adequate infrastructure to provide quality health services.”

The First Lady said Government is willing to enter into public-private partnerships with the corporate world in a bid to improve the country’s health delivery system.

“It is under these public-private health partnerships that Zimasco and Sable Chemicals refurbished this hospital.

“With this approach in mind, Kwekwe District Hospital partnered these local firms and set up a state of the art private ward,” she said.

The First Lady said there are other public-private partnerships opportunities that are open at Kwekwe District Hospital. She encouraged the corporate world to take the opportunities up to further improve healthcare at the institution.

“I am challenging other corporate organizations to emulate the generosity and humility displayed by Sable Chemicals and Zimasco at this hospital,” she said.

“Sable Chemicals refurbished a private ward, turning it into a state of the art modern facility.

“Zimasco, I also want to thank you for renovating the maternity ward, it is a critical area. We all know that we passed through that section at some stage in life,” she said.

[Source: The Sunday Mail]


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